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Post  Erica_Hoy on Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:52 pm

It's easier to be ________________ then to deal with your own __________________ and/or problems?
A. Happy, Strengths
B. Prejudice, weaknesses *
C. Stupid, family
D. All of the above

Which answer best defines socio-pathic?
A. Someone who was raised with out emotional attachment
B. Someone who studies pshycopaths
C. A person who kills others not in their race
D. Behavior that is inconsistent with the well-being of the group *

When someone releases rage and/or anger who usually recieves the brunt of that?
A. Someone that has power over them
B. The first person they see
C. Someone weaker or someone they have "permission" to beat up on *
D. All of the above

In the early 1800's the Mexican Americans worked for?
A. Agriculture *
B. Factories
C. Slaves
D. All of the above

How are woman still defined in society?
A. Housewives
B. Have to be married with children to have a status
C. No status if your single
D. All of the above *

What is the term called in an Amish society when they allow them to go crazy and do whatever they want?
A. Freedom
B. Go Nuts
C. Wilding *
D. Letting Go

What can be used as a predictor on how long a relationship will last?
A. How much you laugh together *
B. How many vacations you go on
C. How many kids you have
D. If your in-laws get along

What can be the most damaging thing you can do to young people?
A. Comfort them
B. Not challenge them *
C. Send them to college
D. All of the above

In a Dominator culture that has a ruling elite, women were considered?
A. Lesser status *
B. poor
C. Rich
D. Higher Status

Which country used a system called a Kibbutz?
A. United States
B. China
C. Israel *
D. Russia

What was the term for the group of people before "the hippies" that focused on looking for life of meaning?
A. Beatnics *
B. Stoners
C. Cave men
D. Laxers

What is one reason discussed in class a ghetto inner city teenager might want to get pregnant?
A. Their parents forced them to
B. So they could get married
C. To follow the crowd
D. As mothers they would be treated better in their society *


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Post  james_kelso on Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:33 pm

Race haters dont really hate a race but they feel that way because?
a.their skin is different colors
b.because they've been given the right to*
c. because their mom told them to
d. because it says so in books

Rage comes from_and is controlled by_?
a.brainstem/frontal lobe*
b.frontal lobe/brainstem
c.brainstem/right lobe
d.brainstem/left lobe

What can you do when you have a problem?
a.ignore it
b.write it down
c.acknowledge it*
d.tell a friend

Roediger work showed that if east european immigrants gave up their ethic recognition they could do what? a business owner
b.own land
c.become white*
d.have slaves

Mydral's findings determined African Americans were?
a.far more adaptive in respnce to changes required of them*
b. they were not as smart as white people
c.they could not form a good work ethic
d.they could not adapt to change

Cox's primary aim was to understand how_functioned in the US

Lewin's focus was?
a. peoples roles in groups influenced their personality*
b.segregated groups work better
c.personality is determined by their culture
d.insegregated groups work better

When societies urbanize what happens?
a.birthrates decrease and populations remain stable*
b.population increases
c.population stays the same
d.nothing happens

What tool did Blau find most helpful in understanding how industrial bureaucracy attempts to manage and enhance productive human interaction?
a.conflict theory theory* theory
d.rational choice theory

Tonnies most powerful insight was Weltanschauug which meant?
a.rural and urban societies had a fundamentally different world view.*
b. each society had the same view point
c.each society was based on functionalism
d.each society was based on capitalism

In Division of Labor Durkheim theorized?
a.society must get smarter if they want to live longer
b.society must generate a bonding force capable of producing organic integration*
c.society must follow the elite's labor laws
d.society must find a common goal

Growing evidence afferms that human conflict has more to do with?
b.scial context*
d.primitive instincts

What would not be the best way to ensure change occurs?
a.revamp high school history courses
b.creating peoples media
c.only let a select group of people make choices*
d.form "churches" that deplore addictive religion

Our continued existence cna not be attributed to?
a.commitment to decency
b.having the largest military*

C.W. Mills most popular work The Power Elite focused on? those who control U.S. captialism interact mainly with contemporary sub-culture those who control US capitalism ineract mainly within their own traditionalistic sub-culture*
c.promote egalitarianism those who control US capitalism always made the right decisions.

Which sociologist is viewed as the father of interactionism?


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Multiple Choice Questions - Page 2 Empty Re: Multiple Choice Questions

Post  Jonathon_Anawaty on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Weber said that society is best run with a(n) ____________ government.
A. independent monarchy
B a large bureaucracy
C. religious
D. aggressive

Term for sets of values all members of society are committed to as purposed by Durkheim.
A. Cognitive dissonance
B Abstract conscious
C. Rules of society
D. Collective conscious

Prato believed we didn't have to worry about society staying together because...
A. people want to be ruled and some people are better leaders than others, naturally the become leaders
B. people will always group together in numbers to stay strong
C. The strong social values in place will prevail if society collapsed
D. The majority population would become to powerful force governing the people

Name of the architect that didn't like functionalism of conflict theory, because they were too limiting
A. William Ogburn
B. C. W. Mills
C. George Simmel
D. Charles Cooley

Antonio Gramscki believed and thought what of Marx's theories would go beyond what Marx envisioned
A. People coming together and helping each other
B. The elite will become most powerful
C. The elite will be overpowered by the middle class
D. The government should have the ob of providing for the people

What religion did Weber compare the capitalist worker too?
A. Protestant
B. Jewish
C. Calvinism
D. Catholic

Spencer felt that human emotions would...
A. Keep us together
B. Split us apart into different groups
C. Cause us to over-analyze everything
D. Cause us to war constantly

Bolby thought humans have the potintal to
A. war endlessly
B. feel others thoughts and value them
C. make a civil society
D. become invincible

Which two sociologists studies symbolic communication?
A. H. Blumer, I. Goffman
B. A. Compt, K. Marx
C. G. Simmel, C.W. Mills
D. M. Weber, C.w. Mills


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Multiple Choice Questions - Page 2 Empty Re: Multiple Choice Questions

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