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Okay so as you all know Weiner has sent me a revised copy of our 50 questions. When I paste it to this link all the answers are not bolded and the format is all jacked up. With that said I am going to need you to reply to this with your email address so that i can just send you an attachment with the 50 MC questions. Thanks guys!


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End of Semester Test Intro Sociology MW 5:40PM Fall 2010 Weiner

Please write the letter of the answer LARGELY beside each question

1 Why are less people getting/staying married?
A. Women no longer need men to raise a child
B. Women don’t stay in relationships that aren’t satisfying to them
C. Monogamy and marriage aren’t as valued
D. All of the above*

2 Based on Riane Eisler’s work, one may hypothesize that many dominator societies
A. Encourage incest among the masses
B. Want men more committed to fighting than to family*
C. Worship women and fight for their honor
D. All of the Above

3 Durkheim would speculate that the reason woman use media as a guide to their best appearance is because of
A. The availability of plastic surgery.
B. The desire to attract alpha males
C. Ancient tribal instincts
D. Anomie, their anxiety about status*

4 What is the difference between prejudice and racism?
A. Nothing, there both the same
B. Racism is associated with power*
C. Racism is only toward black people
D. Whites are the only ones who are prejudice

5 What is a primary consideration when a professor is hired by a large University?
A. Teaching experience
B. Teaching ability
C. Research publications*
D. All are equally important

6 According to Blumer and Goffman what type of communication was especially meaningful?
A. Verbal Communication
B. Texting
C. Emailing
D. Non-Verbal Communication*

7 G.H. Meade extended Georg Simmel’s interactionist approach to include
A. Dramaturgy
B. Symbolic Interaction*
C. Functionalism
D. All of the above

8 What might explain why early British anthropologists described certain cultures as backward without ever visiting them?
A. They were lazy
B. They were ignorant
C. They wanted to justify British foreign policy*
D. All are equally plausible explanations

9 Why did ever thing Westinghouse did in an effort to increase the productivity of a sample group of assembly line people work?
A. Because the workers liked the changes
B. Because the workers thought they might get paid more
C. Because being in the sample group made workers feel special*

10 Which answer best defines socio-pathic?
A. Someone who was raised without emotional attachment
B. Someone who studies psychopaths
C. A person who kills others not in their race
D. Behavior that is inconsistent with the well-being of the group*

11 When someone releases rage and/or anger, who usually receives the brunt of that?
A. Someone that has power over them
B. The first person they see
C. Someone weaker or someone they have “permission” to beat up on*
D. All of the above

12 What is the term in Amish society when youth are given free rein to behave as they wish?
A. Confirmation
B. Passage
C. Wilding*
D. Satanic Interlude

13 According to Daniel Goleman and others, what can be used as a predictor on how long a marital relationship will last?
A. How much you laugh together*
B. How many vacations you go on
C. How many kids you have
D. If your in-laws get along

14 Based on attachment theory, what intereferes with a child’s healthy development:
A. Enabling
B. Not challenge them
C. Corporal punishment
D. All of the above*

15 Roediger’s work showed that if East European immigrants gave up their ethic recognition they could do what?
A. Be a business owner
B. Own land
C. Become white*
D. Have Slaves

16 Mydral’s findings determined African Americans were?
A. Far more adaptive in response to changes required of them than social psychologists had assumed*
B. Depressed by oppression to the point of being virtually unable to take advantage of their growing freedom.
C. Basically, still very primitive.
D. Best equipped to excel in athletics.

17 Oliver Cox’s primary aim was to understand how ____________functioned in the US?
A. Socialism
B. Fascism*
C. Bureaucracy
D. Feudalism

18 Kurt Lewin’s focus was how?
A. People’s role in groups influenced their personality*
B. Segregated groups work better
C. Personality is determined by culture
D. Segregated groups work better

19 What tool did Blau find most helpful in understanding how industrial bureaucracy attempts to manage and enhance productive human interaction?
A. Conflict theory
B. Exchange theory*
C. Network theory
D. Rational choice theory

20 Tonnies most powerful insight was Weltanschauug which meant?
A. Rural and urban societies had a fundamentally different world view*
B. Each society had the same point of view
C. Each society was based on functionalism
D. Each society was based on capitalism

21 C.W. Mills most popular work The Power Elite focused on?
A. How those who control US Capitalism grow out of the general citizenry
B. How those who control US Capitalism form a well integrated social class*
C. How efficiently and productively those in control operate to serve the larger society
D. All of the

22 Growing evidence affirms that human conflict is most caused by?
A. Genes
B. Social context*
C. Personality
D. Primitive Instincts

23 Beatings or Physical abuse make children?
A. Stronger emotionally
B. Stronger Physically
C. Weaker physically
D. Weaker emotionally*

24 Who said people are motivated for self-actualization but are also afraid of it?
A. Erich Fromm*
B. Leon Festinger
C. Herbert Blumer
D. Kurt Lewin

25 Which of the following sociologists is NOT associated with culture relativity?
A. Gunnar Myrdal
B. Franz Boaz
C. Kurt Lewin*
D. Jared Diamond

26 Why are there more black athletes than white ones?
A. Blacks are more athletic than whites
B. Whites have other, better mean of achieving social*
C. Whites are more intelligent than blacks
D. All of the Above

27 Which architect of sociology was the founder of N.O.W. (National Organization of Women)?
A. Angela Davis
B. Jane Addams
C. Betty Friedan*
D. Hannah Arendt

28 Who of the following was a Marxist that ended up saying that Capitalism was successful?
A. Eric Hobsbawn*
B. Kurt Lewin
C. Noam Chomsky
D. Hannah Arendt

29 Who of the following treated the people that she studied more like friends than subjects?
A. Angela Davis
B. Hannah Arendt
C. Betty Friedan
D. Jane Addams*

30 Arguably, according to Dr. Weiner, middle class/wealthy families are __________ than those of poorer families?
A. Less accepting
B. More alienated*
C. Less alienated
D. More accepting

31 What part of the brain is responsible for rage?
A. Cerebellum
B. Frontal Cortex
C. Cerebrum
D. Brain Stem*

32 Which group wanted to get rid of all government?
A. Communist
B. Democrats
C. Hippies
D. Anarchists*

33 According to Marcuse what did people use to cover up their “one dimensionality”?
A. Conspiracy
B. Denial*
C. Blame
D. Parents

34 What did Spencer believe kept society under control?
A. The Church
B. Leadership of the Lassez Faire business class*
C. The King
D. Individual Self Control

35 According to Diamond what enabled Europeans to prevail globally?
A. Greater intelligence
B. Better imagination
C. Better Culture
D. Geographical luck*

36 Which affects connectiveness between parent and child the least?
A. Poverty*
B. Abandonment
C. Abuse
D. Neglect

37 Comte and Mannheim agreed that those best qualified to guide and manage society were
A. The intellectuals*
B. The wealthy
C. The artisans
D. The farmers

38 The church slowly started to accept science because?
A. It seemed like the logical thing to do
B. It needed science to kill their enemies more effectively*
C. It wanted to use science as a way to encourage people to accept change
D. It was becoming corrupted by atheists

38 The Civil War was really about freeing slaves in order to?
A. Do the morally right thing
B. Allow more white people to get paying jobs*
C. Send slaves back to Africa
D. Allow blacks to pay taxes
40 W.E. B. Dubois argued that
A) African Americans must accept U.S. social stratification and fit themselves within it
B) African Americans must fight for fundamental social change to end racial differentiation*
C) White people are psychologically incapable of accepting African Americans
D) Racism stems from white culture more than from capitalist social control.

41 Why did the church accept Galileo's scientific approach?
A) Because they realized it was more logical than Aristotle's views
B) Because it fit scripture better than Aristotle's views
C) Because it enabled them to conduct religious warfare more effectively*
D) all of the above

42 Why was Copernicus afraid to publish his map of the solar system?
A) Because he realized it was less rational than Ptolomy's
B) Because he felt it needed more work
C) Because he was afraid the Inquisition would kill him if he did*
D) For all of the reasons above

43 At the heart of Marx's theory is the assumption that
A) people are capable of improving human society*
B) without dominant leaders, people are incapable of functional change
C) people are extremely limited in their ability to create a better society
D) people are fundamentally stupid, and society is bound to deteriorate

44 What was Hobb's theory?
A) most people are capable of being rational.
B) most people are incapable of being rational.*
C) rationality means testing every hypothesis empirically
D) science is less important for society than religion

45 According to neuro-science, what parenting tactic makes children strong?
A) spanking
B) resonating*
C) indulging
D) all can have this effect, depending upon the situation

46 Who perceived that ordinary people have the capacity to create a moral and ethical s society, if only they would make the effort?
A) Pareto
B) Weber
C) Mills*
D) Spencer
47 Making assumptions about someone else’s life without walking in their shoes is an example of what?
A. Cognitive Dissonance
B. Fundamental Attribution Error*
C. Judging
D. All of the Above

48 Which of the following is an example of cognitive dissonance?
A. “I wanted to go to the concert, but I couldn’t afford it; it probably wasn’t a good show anyway.”
B. “I know that taking office supplies home is wrong, but they don’t pay me well enough and there are plenty lying around not being used.”
C. “Yes, speeding is against the law, but it is important that I get to work on time.”
D. All of the Above*

49 Which sociologist would have primary interest in the following: power relations in society and the role of sociology as a source of valuable knowledge?
A. Gramsci
B. Spencer
C. Mills*
D. Ogburn

50 Weber said that society needed tradition in order to make Capitalism work. Which “tradition” did he believe did that?
A. Calvinism*
B. Anarchist
C. Positivism
D. Lutheranism


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