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50 MC Questions for Final Empty 50 MC Questions for Final

Post  Erica_Hoy on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:09 pm

Okay so I think the easiest way for us to do this is for everyone to copy and paste the questions onto this link that were labeled nice or whatever by Professor Weiner. Then from there I will look at the rest of the questions and add ones to it. Just make sure that one of your good questions is not a repeat of the ones already on here. I guess this will be the topic thread and then just hit reply to post like we do for MC questions. I posted 15 of mine to get us started so just post some of your best ones and then we will go from there.

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50 MC Questions for Final Empty Re: 50 MC Questions for Final

Post  Erica_Hoy on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:16 pm

Making assumptions about someone else's life without walking in their shoes is an example of what?
A. Cognitive Dissonance
B. Fundamental Attribution ERA *
C. Judging
D. All of the Above

Which of the following is an example of cognitive dissonance?
A. "I wanted to go to the concert, but i couldn't afford it; it probably wasn't a good show anyway."
B. "I know that taking office supplies home is wrong, but they don't pay me well enough and there are plenty lying around not being used."
C. "Yes, speeding is against the law, but it is important that I get to work on time."
D. All of the Above *

Which sociologist would have primary interest in the following; power relations in society and the role of sociology as a source of valuable knowledge?
A. Gramsci
B. Spencer
C. Mills *
D. Ogburn

Weber said that society needed tradition in order to make capitilism work. Which "tradition" did he believe did that?
A. Calvinism *
B. Anarchist
C. Positivism
D. Luthernism

Who holds the power to discriminate?
A. White wealthy people *
B. Children
C. Blacks
D. Middle-Class Society

According to Meade what type of communication was most meaningful?
A. Verbal Communication
B. Texting
C. Emailing
D. Non-Verbal Communication *

Goffman studied "inmates of prisons and asylums in an effort to isolate the strategies they used in order to influence others impressions in desired ways." He did this by watching interactions with sound and then by watching the interactions without sound paying attention to the body language. This approach to interactional analysis is called what?
A. Commuturgical Approach
B. Dramaturgical Approach *
C. Symbolic Interactionalism
D. All of the Above

What was one of the reasons British anthropologist went back and talked about how primitive other cultures were?
A. For the hell of it
B. Because they simply were primitive
C. To scare people
D. To motivate their people into a capitalism society *

Why did the experiment Mayo conducted with the assembly lines show that when they did things like play music, paint walls etc. the production total increased?
A. Because the music was fast beat so they worked faster to follow the beat
B. Because the colors they painted were motivating
C. Because the changes made them feel special,important, and needed *
D. All of the above

It's easier to be ________________ then to deal with your own __________________ and/or problems?
A. Happy, Strengths
B. Prejudice, weaknesses *
C. Stupid, family
D. All of the above

Which answer best defines socio-pathic?
A. Someone who was raised with out emotional attachment
B. Someone who studies pshycopaths
C. A person who kills others not in their race
D. Behavior that is inconsistent with the well-being of the group *

When someone releases rage and/or anger who usually recieves the brunt of that?
A. Someone that has power over them
B. The first person they see
C. Someone weaker or someone they have "permission" to beat up on *
D. All of the above

What is the term called in an Amish society when they allow them to go crazy and do whatever they want?
A. Freedom
B. Go Nuts
C. Wilding *
D. Letting Go

What can be used as a predictor on how long a relationship will last?
A. How much you laugh together *
B. How many vacations you go on
C. How many kids you have
D. If your in-laws get along

What can be the most damaging thing you can do to young people?
A. Comfort them
B. Not challenge them *
C. Send them to college
D. All of the above


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50 MC Questions for Final Empty Re: 50 MC Questions for Final

Post  james_kelso on Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:09 pm

Roediger work showed that if east european immigrants gave up their ethic recognition they could do what?
a.be a business owner
b.own land
c.become white*
d.have slaves

Mydral's findings determined African Americans were?
a.far more adaptive in respnce to changes required of them*
b. they were not as smart as white people
c.they could not form a good work ethic
d.they could not adapt to change

Cox's primary aim was to understand how_functioned in the US

Lewin's focus was?
a. peoples roles in groups influenced their personality*
b.segregated groups work better
c.personality is determined by their culture
d.insegregated groups work better

What tool did Blau find most helpful in understanding how industrial bureaucracy attempts to manage and enhance productive human interaction?
a.conflict theory
b.exchange theory*
c.network theory
d.rational choice theory

Tonnies most powerful insight was Weltanschauug which meant?
a.rural and urban societies had a fundamentally different world view.*
b. each society had the same view point
c.each society was based on functionalism
d.each society was based on capitalism

C.W. Mills most popular work The Power Elite focused on?
a.how those who control U.S. captialism interact mainly with contemporary sub-culture
b.how those who control US capitalism ineract mainly within their own traditionalistic sub-culture*
c.promote egalitarianism
d.how those who control US capitalism always made the right decisions.

Growing evidence afferms that human conflict has more to do with?
b.scial context*
d.primitive instincts


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50 MC Questions for Final Empty Re: 50 MC Questions for Final

Post  Megan_Oswald on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:05 am

Beatings or physical abuse make children:
A. Stronger emotionally
B. Stronger physically
C. Weaker physically
D. Weaker emotionally *

Who said that people are motivated to self-actualization but are also afraid of it?
A. Erich Fromm *
B. Leon Festinger
C. Herbert Blumer
D. Kurt Lewin

Which of the following sociologists is NOT associated with cultural relativity?
A. Gunnar Myrdal
B. Franz Boaz
C. Kurt Lewin *
D. Jared Diamond

Why are there more black athletes than white ones?
A. Blacks are more athletic than whites are
B. Whites can afford to go to school while blacks have to turn to sport-related scholarships to receive an education *
C. Whites are genetically superior to blacks
D. All of the above

Which architect of sociology was the founder of N.O.W. (National Organization of Women)?
A. Angela Davis
B. Jane Addams
C. Betty Friedan *
D. Hannah Arendt

Which of the following was a Marxist that ended up saying that capitalism was successful?
A. Eric Hobsbawn *
B. Kurt Lewin
C. Noam Chomsky
D. Hannah Arendt

Which of the following treated the people that she studied more like friends than subjects?
A. Angela Davis
B. Hannah Arendt
C. Betty Friedan
D. Jane Addams *

Arguably, according to Dr. Weiner, middle class/wealthy families are ______ than those of poorer families.
A. Less accepting
B. More alienated *
C. Less alienated
D. More accepting

What part of the brain is responsible for rage?
A. Cerebellum
B. Frontal cortex
C. Cerebrum
D. Brain stem *

Psychotherapy repairs which of the following?
A. Poor attachment *
B. Self-doubt
C. Emotional control
D. Aggression

Why are less people getting/staying married?
A. Women no longer need men to raise a child
B. Women don't stay in relationships that aren't satisfying for them
C. Monogamy and marriage aren't as valued
D. All of the above *

In a male dominated society, they don't want men to be committed to a family because ______.
A. Men are more promiscuous than women.
B. They want them to be more committed to fighting *
C. Marriage is a contract
D. All of the above

Why are women no longer happy with their appearance?
A. Plastic surgery is available to improve their looks
B. TV shows give the ideal way that people should act or look
C. People are being pressured to conform
D. All of the above *

What was the name of the communal living quarters in Israel?
A. Beatniks
B. Kibbutz *
C. Community
D. Neighborhood

Why do people who attend church services regularly, live longer?
A. They have the ability to connect with others *
B. The more religious they are, the more absolutist they become
C. Their faith will help them live longer
D. All of the above

What is the difference between prejudice and racism?
A. Nothing, they're both the same
B. Racism is associated with power *
C. Racism is only towards black people
D. Whites are the only ones that are prejudice


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50 MC Questions for Final Empty mc questions

Post  alexandra_jacobs on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:49 pm

What is the main reason a teacher is hired for a large university?
A. experience
b. knowledge
c. research reputation*
d. popularity

Which group wanted to get rid of all government?
a. communist
b. democrats
c. hippies
d. anarchists*

According to Marcuse what did people use to cover up their "one dimensionality"?
a. conspiracy
b. denial*
c. blame
D. all of the above

According to Dr. Weiner what is all warfare going to turn into?
A. atomic bombings
b. political battles
c. guerilla warfare*
d. world peace

Which sociologist did the business men favor?
a. Spencer*
b. Marx
C. Comte
D. Mills

According to Dr. Weiner who did the people obey during fuedalism?
a. Marx
b. The king
c. The church*
d. themselves

What did Spencer believe kept society under control?
a. the church
b. fear*
c. the king
d. self-control.

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mc questions
alexandra_jacobs on Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:47 pm

.According to Boaz what do all cultures have in common?
a. warfare systems
b. the ability to adapt*
c. rulers
d. cruelity

According to Diamond what made the Europeans superior?
a. Better inteligence
b. better technology
c. better culture
d. geographical luck*

According to Diamond how did the Europeans kill most of the Native Americans/
a. diseases*
b. guns
c. superior knowledge
d. all equally

According to Dr. Weiner what is a result of cognitive dissonice?
A. Bulling*
b. friendships
c. self-awareness
d. mental disorders

Who created the Hull house?
a. Betty Friendan
b. Jane Addams*
c. Angela Davis
d. Boaz

Which sociologist studied Jews ans the rise of Hilter?
a. Hannah Arendt*
b. Kurt Lewis
c. Noam Chomsky
d. Angela Davis

Who thought a womens role in society is more than just a mother or housewife?
a. Betty Friedan*
b. Jane Addams
c. Peter Blau
d. Noam Chomsky

According to the Census, Which is true about men and women who work the same job/
a. men get less recognition
b. women will get paid less*
c. women make more money
d. men require less education

Which least affects connectiveness between a parent and child?
a. poverty*
b. abandonment
c. abuse
d. neglect

Who described people as being " one-dimensional"?
a. Durkhiem
b. Marcuse*
c. jurgen
d. Marx.


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50 MC Questions for Final Empty Re: 50 MC Questions for Final

Post  jesse-henderson on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:00 pm

The Church slowly started to accept science because:
A. it seemed like the logical thing to do
B. it needed science to keep up with the wars going on in the world (guns/cannons) *
C. it wanted to use science as a way to gains the peoples trust by looking accepting to new things
D. all of the above

Comte's view on who should be the ones in charge to run society was:
A. the intellectuals *
B. the wealthy
C. the artisans
D. the farmers

Being lazy and having everything easy for you:
A. can be functional
B. is human nature
C. can be addictive *
D. all of the above

Those who were nurtured and cared for as young, versus those who were abused and mistreated:
A. tend to be spoiled
B. tend to be passive
C. survive best *
D. have little self control

What major advantage did the Europeans have over other societies they sought to conquer?
A. guns
B. germs *
C. steel
D. all of the above

The civil war was really about freeing slaves in order to:
A. do the morally right things
B. allow more white people to get paying jobs *
C. send slaves back to africa
D. allow negros to pay taxes

Transitioning common people from farmers to manufacturers required them to:
A. give up more of their freedoms
B. think *
C. conform
D. throw away their pasts


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50 MC Questions for Final Empty Re: 50 MC Questions for Final

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